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Diamond Mine Slots Review

Diamond Mine Slots is a fantastic three reel, one payline online slot machine that offers players a very different twist that you don't often see in an online slot machine. The twist is that if you are using five cents, twenty five cents, fifty cents or one dollar coin sizes, Diamond Mine is a Progressive Jackpot game. When you use the five dollar coin size, however, the jackpot is twenty five hundred coins and the second highest jackpot of sixteen hundred coins. Real Time Gaming has given Diamond Mine a very unique feel, making it easily a new favorite. The sound effects and graphics provided with this incredible game really add to the experience that RTG wanted to provide. They are so realistic, you will easily forget that you are playing on your computer and not in a land based casino. The reel graphics are a favorite part of the game as well. They are not too glitzy or flashy, yet not understated either; they were kept very fitting to the game.

Diamond Mine slots

Diamond Mine Slots Summary

Theme: Mining
Player Skills: Tourist to Intermediate
Highest Pay: Progressive (up to $1 game), 2,500 Coins ($5 game)
2nd Highest Pay: 1,000 Coins
Reels: 3
Paylines: 1
Coins Per Payline: 1 to 3
Max Coins: 3
Coin Sizes: $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00
Progressive: Yes and No
Wild Symbol: No
Multiplier Symbol: No
Scatter Symbol: No
Feature: No
Gamble: No
Default Coin Size: $0.50
No. Of Coins Allowed: 1 Line x 3 Coins = 3 Coins
Default No. Of Coins: 1 Line x 3 Coins = 3 Coins
Max Bet: 1 Line x 3 Coins x 5.00 = 15.00
Min Bet: 1 Line x 3 Coins x 0.05 = 0.15
Default Bet: 1 Line x 3 Coins x 0.50 = 1.50
Jackpot in Coins: Progressive or 2500
Max Jackpot: Progressive or 2500 x 5.00 = 12,500


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