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Dolphin Tale Video Slot Review

Sometimes that serenity of the sea is disrupted by the great spy Clam, especially when you have three or more scattered across you screen triggering the free bonus feature. At this point you will be put into a quandary when having to choose among five dodgy characters, each of whom has a different offer of spins and/or hidden multipliers, and the choice you make could leave you with as much as 300 000 coins - what great characters they are!. Keeping order among the creatures on the sea bed, you have the rookie Dolphin, who when necessary will substitute for all symbols except the scatter, and work in harmony with the substitute Wild symbol which appears on reel 2,3 & 4 during the free spin feature, and subs for one symbol per reel.

Dolphin Tale

Background to the Dolphin Tale video slot

Dolphins are long-lived social creatures that require a lifetime of dedication to learning more about the complexities of their social structure. The fact that we can observe these aquatic mammals under water has provided a wealth of information. We are beginning to understand some of the subtle complexities and intricacies of their society.If another dolphin is drowning, other dolphins will come to it's aid, by supporting it with their bodies extending it's blowhole above the water allowing it to breathe. Dolphins main predators are sharks and unfortunately man, through direct killing for food,netting, pollution, and fishing.Play is a very important part of dolphins' lives and they can often be observed playing with seaweed or play fighting with other dolphins

The Dolphin Tale Slot Summary

Theme - Undersea Adventure
Reels - 5 Reels
Paylines - 40 Paylines
Coin Sizes - 0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.25
Coins per Payline - 1 to 5
Highest Pay - 15 000
Maximum Jackpot - 3 000 x 5 coins per line = 15 000 coins in base game; 3 000 x 5 coins per line x 20 (multiplier) = 300 000 coins in Free Spin Game
Wild Symbol - Yes
Scatter Symbol - Yes
Free Spins - Yes
Feature - Yes (Free spin selection)

Dolphin Tale Pay Screen 1Dolphin Tale Pay Screen 2

Dolphin Tale Payout Screen

Rookie Dolphin - 3000 times 5 coins per line
Sea Dog - 1000 times 5 coins per line
Merl the Octopus - 500 times 5 coins per line
Karl the Turtle - 300 times 5 coins per line
Lucile Fish - 200 times 5 coins per line
Shrimp - 150 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Casino - 100 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Bank - 80 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Police Station - 70 times 5 coins per line
Shell Motel - 60 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Saloon - 50 times 5 coins per line
Spy Clam Scatter - 50 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Diner - 40 times 5 coins per line

Dolphin Tale Pay Screen 3

The Dolphin Tale Slot Summary

With treasure abound, and hours of great entertainment ahead, you are in for a time of your life. Great graphics and sound are just a part of this new video slot game.


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