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What are the different types of slot games?

There's a lot of choice if you're looking to start playing slots, the machines themselves take up a huge percentage of casino floorspace, there's a fruit-machine in a lot of British pubs, and online? Well, there are so many games to choose from!

To give you a quick overview, check out the graphic below that breaks down all the major types you're likely to come across. Particularly interesting, if you're going to be playing online, is the 3D, Progressive and Bonus types of slots.

Most games you play online will incorporate elements of 3D slots for better graphics and a different playing experience, so you get to pick one that appeals to you based on what the media is they've been inspired by (Batman, Game of Thrones, if you've seen it there's probably a slot game for it).

The best thing to keep an eye out for are if you don't mind the theme are bonuses, which net you free spins if you meet certain conditions, and if the jackpot is progressive.

A progressive jackpot is one that gets higher and higher the more people play the game so you can end up with a massive win!

For a breakdown of all the types on offer, see the graphic from Betfair below:

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