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Now and then: the evolution of the slot machine

Ah, the slot machine.

This wonderful invention has been entertaining plucky gamblers for well over a century now. It all began with the Liberty Bell, a 3-reel mechanical model brought out in the bars of Francisco way back in 1891. As you�€™ve probably guessed, it proved an instant success �€“ it was so phenomenally popular, in fact, that in next to no time at all other manufacturers were cashing in on the hype by bringing out their own copycat machines.

But by the time we�€™d reached the 1950s, the slot had crossed the Atlantic and was being massed produced across Britain and the USA. The discovery of new technologies then saw the slot begin to evolve at a truly remarkable pace. By the end of the �€˜60s, we were enjoying the power of electromechanical machines. By the end of the �€˜70s, impressive video slots were being played in the casinos of Las Vegas. By the end of the �€˜80s, the slot experience had been completely revolutionised by the innovation of new bonus features.

It was somewhere in the �€˜90s that the greatest moment in slot history arrived: the slot machine moved online. Digitalisation made games capable of providing more pay-lines, more extras and more immersive gameplay than the Liberty Bell could have ever dreamed. What�€™s more, for the first time ever, players could spin slots right from the comfort of home; with slots now more accessible, the number of players rose dramatically.

Today�€™s gaming software companies were quick to respond to the growing demand for online games �€“ hence the huge number of slot titles available for modern gamblers. What�€™s more, online casino sites continue to tailor their products for the way we now like to play, developing custom-built apps for iOS and Android devices to further improve the slot machine for mobile. Indeed, it really is the most exciting time to be a slot player.


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