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At Slotland, don't look for the prettiest slots, or even the fastest slots. But you will find unique slots, loose slots, and slots that are friendly to Macs, Web Tv, and more! If their games are so ugly, why then would a slots site like Casino Slots Wizard feature them? Well, simply put, we believe that in addition to the uniqueness, no download friedliness, and big jackpots, Slotland is possibly the most trustworthy of slots casinos on the internet. You will be paid quickly and without fuss, at least thats been our experience. We actually would like MORE casinos like Slotland!

Slotland Casino Progressive Jackpot

The current Slotland jackpot value is:

There are many points which make Slotland stand at the top of the crowd of casinos from which to choose.

  • Slotland offers exclusive games which will never be found at other casinos, either online or land-based.
  • Slotland offers the LARGEST Slot Machines on the Internet today, making it easy for players to see and play.
  • Slotland links a progressive jackpot to all nine of their games, allowing a player to select the game of their choice and still have the chance for a BIG WIN!
  • Slotland is NO Download and supports ALL broswers - this means INSTANT ACCESS to play games! Slotland does not require Java - this means that MAC, AOL & WebTV users are welcome to play any time!
  • Slotland also offers a 100% sign up bonus ($10 bonus with a $10 deposit), $100 bonus for each $1000 deposited (deposits can be made over a period of time; Slotland will track all of these deposits and when the total deposits reaches $1000, the $100 bonus is added automatically, and Deposit Delights, an exclusive bonus feature from Slotland!
  • Slotland proudly boasts an elite Customer Service Department, which responds quickly and appropriately to players.
  • Slotland's Accounting Department constantly receives rave reviews from winning players for the professional communication and speed in which payments are processed. Typically, once a check has been issued to a player, they receive the check in less than 5 days!

They offer six different slot machines at the moment:

  1. Booster is their newest exciting slot machine. It is the only slot machine where your bet is never lost and allows as much as $50 bet per single spin! Get one of the wild "BOOST" symbols and Boost your bet by 10 times! (Booster: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $50.00)
  2. The Golden8 is their original big one. Its 9-wheels and 8-paylines feature the most exciting slot gambling experience available on the Internet today. Collect 6 Blue Diamond symbols and win a FREE spin! (Golden 8: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $12.00)
  3. The SilverKiss machine offers a different sort of entertainment. It combines the thrill of online gambling with very special bonuses - hundreds of quality nude photos of our beautiful models divided into several categories. Select the category of your choice and spin for money and more! (Silver Kiss: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $2.00)
  4. Their next game, HeavyMetal, offers a unique opportunity to place bets on your own game history. One horizontal bet line and three vertical bet lines make this the thinking person's slot machine! (Heavy Metal: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $8.00)
  5. The TreasureBox has quickly become a player favorite. It is the only slot machine allowing the player to hold the reels after each spin and make the best potential return everytime the lever is pulled. Be sure to keep your eye out for the hold feature; it can make for some rich wins! (Treasure Box: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $8.00)
  6. Finally, 5 big wheels of the Magic slot machine present many different payoffs as well as winning possibilities; when you can spell out "MAGIC" below your slot machine, you get a FREE spin on Magic with a guaranteed win! (Magic: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00)

In addition to their slot machines, they offer three great card games:

  1. You may try your luck at the Jacks Or Better, the classic video poker game. Their pay table for this game is the highest and most generous in the industry; you do not need to place a maximum bet to get a bonus pay out on the Royal Flush (although a maximum bet with a Royal Flush WILL win the jackpot!). (Jacks or Better: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00)
  2. For a little more excitement and to tripe your chance for the BIG win, enjoy exciting triple play action at the WildHeart, their Double Joker video poker machine. It may seem like a jungle out there, but you can be King of the Jungle with one good deal! (Wild Heart: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $15.00)
  3. Sophisticated gamblers will love the SpaceJack which is a video variation of the most popular table game of all times, Blackjack. Blackjack pays 3 to 1 to the player, even when the dealer has blackjack! Three blackjacks with bets placed on all 3 wins the progressive jackpot! (Space Jack: Minimum bet = $1.00; maximum bet = $60.00)

IMPORTANT NOTE: All video machines share one progressive Jackpot which continually increases as players bet and play. So you can easily select your favorite game and go for the BIG WIN!


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