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Famous Athletes Who Have a Gambling Story to Tell

Most people actually find gambling to be a sport. This is because, at some point, it needs a certain level of prowess and strategy which is the same as most sports.

Hence, we can safely say that when Sportsmen try it out they will just be practising their profession in one way or the other.

Here are some famous athletes who have tried the gambling scene. Let us get to know about their experiences in the gambling scene, online roulette real money and whether or not they will have a go at it again.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is well known for his excellent soccer skills. His entry into the soccer world through Manchester United is definitely in the history of British soccer Leagues.

However, we cannot really say the same when it comes to gambling. The athlete is currently in a 700 000 British pounds debt. Recently, he was said to have lost over $100 000 in one go while gambling.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather made his love for gambling known by appearing in “Think like a Man Too.” The movie has a casino theme and it shows the fellas bumping into Mayweather in Vegas at a Casino.

In real life, Mayweather has tweeted a picture of different betting slips. Some of them even worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! But, we really need to see the result, Floyd!

Michael Jordan

He might be a star in the court, but it looks like he is not that good at gambling. He admitted to losing over $165 000 from gambling back in 1993.

That is not all, the basketball legend is reported to have lost over $ 5 million dollars in 2007. Passion over perfection, one day you will get it, Michael. .

Tiger Woods

Well, when it comes to real money us casino online sites, Tiger Woods seems to know how to get that real money. Looks like golfing is not the only thing that he is good at. The best part is he knows how to keep his bankroll in check too.


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